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GigaWave Technologies can provide the following services to its training partners:

>>  Curriculum Development & Certification
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>>  Training Logistics & Venue Coordination
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>>  Instructor Led Training
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Curriculum Development & Certification

In addition to delivering a comprehensive suite of wireless LAN and enterprise mobility training, GigaWave has the knowledge and resources to develop full-blown, high-impact training for companies that manufacture wireless infrastructure, software and accessory products.

Manufacturers such as Cisco, Wavelink, AirMagnet and Funk Software retain GigaWave to design, develop and deliver curriculum to certify IT professionals on their technologies.

GigaWave Technologies has a team of curriculum developers and subject matter experts, all of which specialize in wireless and enterprise mobility technologies. The company has well-developed processes that guide the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) for high-caliber, technology-based training and certification programs. The ISD process serves as a model when developing finely tuned visual aids, instructional materials and hands-on labs. E-learning formats are also available. The ISD process was developed by the Department of Defense and is endorsed by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Throughout the process, the GigaWave curriculum development team works closely with the manufacturer to ensure course material is comprehensive and conveyed in a manner that can be understood and applied by all students regardless of their personal learning style (audiovisual, visual and kinesthetic).

The five phases of the ISD process followed by GigaWave are:

Analysis: GigaWave has a systematic approach to assess and determine the most appropriate solution for the client. This process gathers information from subject matter experts about the prospective manufacturer, available technology, desired goals, and training content.
Design: Based on expert analysis of previously defined factors, GigaWave maps out the instructional strategy, training content and determines costs associated with various options selected. Determinations can be made on the delivery method. Possible delivery methods include: Traditional classroom instructor-led training, computer or hands-on labs, e-learning and teleconference.
Development: The development phase involves preparation of course material and visual aids to support mutually agreed upon requirements, alpha and beta testing, revision, and editing before final acceptance of the training.
Implementation: Following the design and development, the course is implemented. GigaWave has established a team of faculty trainers who deliver technology-based training. When it is necessary to further develop the skills of faculty, GigaWave has the in-house capability to conduct training for instructors to learn the new technology.
Evaluation: Continuous evaluation is employed during the analysis, design, and development phases to ensue the highest level of responsiveness from the learner. GigaWave also follows a 30-step quality control process to make sure curriculum, visual aids and labs are of the highest quality. Changes are frequently made due to product upgrades and new technology making evaluation a continuous process.

Training Logistics & Venue Coordination

Another value add service GigaWave offers is complete training logistics and venue coordination. Regardless if a manufacturer requires comprehensive training coordination for its technical courseware, or a company needs private training for an entire IT staff, GigaWave can:

>>  Select and arrange the location for event as well as negotiate rates
>>  Set up training room and coordinate food and refreshments
>>  Registration management via the Internet
>>  Develop course details and agendas
>>  Mail certificates of completion and certification

Instructor Led Training

GigaWave Technologies has a team of instructors who specialize in wireless networking and enterprise mobility training. Unlike many training organizations, GigaWave instructors are not contractors, but GigaWave employees that assist in the development of the classes as well as the delivery of technical course material. Each instructor has extensive technical knowledge as well as an advance skill set to effectively deliver technical training and convey complex concepts to students who can walk away from the class and immediately apply their newfound knowledge.

To learn more, contact GigaWave Technologies at 800.204.2567 or

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